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On July 28, 2007, the North Central Brick and Plaster Regional Apprentice Contest was held at the Illinois District Council Training Center in Addison, Illinois. Thirty-three bricklayer apprentices and eight plaster apprentices competed.

Brick contestants were charged with constructing a wall of modular brick and 4” CMU with accent brick. For the plaster project, contestants applied various plaster finishes from a one-coat veneer plaster with a diamond finish to a sand finish EIFS on a prefabricated foam cornice. The addition this year of a Venetian Plaster component to the project turned out to be a real crowd pleaser.

Winners in the brick category, starting with first place, were Daniel Sikorski of Local 21 IL, Steve Powers of 9 MI, Craig Glaser of 4 IN/KY, Stanley McCall, III of 1 MO, Vanessa Casillas of 56 IL, Jeffery Agerter of 46 OH, Scott Lawson of 15 MO/KS, Kyle Higham of 4 IN/KY, Kurt Hupp of 46 OH, Mike Kimberling of 15 MO/KS, Daniel Beemer of 15 MO/KS, Terrance Vaughn of 1 MI, Michael Smith of 1 MN/ND, Kurt Fisher of 6 IL, Bronson Harris of 9 MI and Josh Bollinger of 18 OH.

In the plaster category, Jeronimo Esparza of Local 56 IL took top honors with
Cheyen Garcia of Local 74 IL in second and Felipe Jimenez, also of Local 74,
taking third.

District Council Training Center Director Bob Arnold and staff oversaw the event. Judges for the brick category were Local 21 IL Secretary-Treasurer Mike Lowery, Local 74 IL Business Manager Greg Posch, WI ADC Field Representative Randy Weytens, members Tom Crane (1 MO), Gerry Jenniges (1 MN/ND), Gerald Kusek (4 IN/KY), Terry Stevens (3 IA), contractor representative Angelo Trapani, and signatory contractors Paul Koch, Jr. and Ross Distefano. Judging the plaster category were Local 74 member Jim Buschman and signatory contractor and member Mike Molloy.

Winners were awarded trophies, tools, gift certificates and the opportunity to compete at the International Apprentice Contest in Washington, D.C.

First place brick winner Daniel Sikorski of Local 21 IL, left, and Local 21 President Jim Allen.
Second place brick winner Steve Powers of Local 9 MI. Third place brick winner Craig Glaser of Local 4 IN/KY.
First place plaster winner Jeronimo Esparza, right, of Local 56 IL and Instructor Art Johnston.
Second place plaster winner Cheyen Garcia of Local 74 IL and Instructor Art Johnston. Third place plaster winner Felipe Jimenez of Local 74 IL.
First place brick winner Daniel Sikorski of Local 21 IL.
Brick finalist Stanley McCall, III of Local 1 MO. Brick finalist Vanessa Casillas of Local 56 IL.
Brick finalist Jeffrey Agerter of Local 46 OH. Brick finalist Scott Lawson of Local 15 MO/KS.
Brick finalist Kyle Higham of Local 4 IN/KY. Brick finalist Kurt Hupp of Local 46 OH.
Brick finalist Daniel Beemer of Local 15 MO/KS. Brick finalist Terrance Vaughn of Local 1 MI.
Brick finalist Michael Smith of Local 1 MN/ND Brick finalist Kurt Fisher of Local 6 IL.
Brick finalist Bronson Harris of Local 9 MI. Brick finalist Josh Bollinger of Local 9 MI.
Plaster finalist Juan Alcala of Local 56 IL. Plaster finalist Steve Brandonisio of Local 56 IL.

Brick alternate Nick Harris of Local 1 MO.
From left, DCTC Director Bob Arnold, IMI Regional Training Director Mike Papp and North Central Regional Director Henry Kramer.

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