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Journal: APRIL - MAY 2002

Local 7 Kentucky Brings Masonry to Job Fair

Local 7 KY President and IMI Instructor Mac Mellert used hands-on demonstrations to build interest in a career as a bricklayer at a Registered Apprentice Job Fair in Princess, KY in April. Bricklaying demonstrations were among the most popular of the more than 30 crafts introduced to regional high school students at the fair.

Local 4 New Jersey Honors Members

From left, 50-year Local 4 NJ member Henry Guidi, Local 4 Secretary-Treasurer John Capo, 50-year member James Fariello, 25-year member Sebastian Basile, 50-year member John Simone, and Local 4 Business Manager Jerry Della Salla. Fifty-year member Frank Petropinto, center, being presented a Gold Card by the officers and field representatives of Local 4. From left, John Capo, Jeff Duffy, Della Salla, Steve Doherty, and Bill DeRenzis.
From left, 40-year Local 4 member Thomas Antonucci, 25-year member Richard McBride, 40-year member Angelo Dilizia, Capo, 50-year member Frank Petropinto, Della Salla, and Duffy.  

Grilling with Local 6 Illinois Member Gust Johnson

Local 6 IL member Gust A. Johnson wasn’t going to settle for just any grill for his backyard barbecues. The grill (pictured right) is built of fieldstone collected by Johnson on trips to northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and features two grill shelves and a pair of baking ovens. Each stone was hand split and chiseled to fit 3/4" tolerances and is finished with grapevine joints. Exquisitely crafted from the bottom up, the grill is topped by a hand-poured concrete cap. He built the grill to commemorate his mother’s 65th birthday.

Local 6 Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama Presents Gold Cards

BAC President John J. Flynn greeted Gold Card members of the newly merged Local 6 LA/MS/AL during the Local’s first general membership meeting held in February in Gulfport, MS. From left, Joseph King, Hartswell Huntsbury, James Adkinson, J.D. Haston, Flynn, David Bass, Galius Kelly, Edly “Pat” Lewis, Palmo Dockery, Jr., and Joseph Hartfield.

Local 2 New York Celebrates Black History Month

Local 2 NY member Jacob Sherill received his Gold Card and a gold watch from Local 2 President Al Catalano and Field Representative Luke Renna at a Black History Month reception held at Onondoga Community College. The event, which recognized Sherrill as a community leader and role model, was attended by his coworkers, contractor John Schneid, friends and family. From left, Renna, Catalano, Sherrill, Mrs. Sherrill, cultural diversity trainer Myrlene Jones, and Congressman James T. Walsh (R-NY).

Local 1 Newfoundland Honors Gold Card Members

From left, BAC Canadian Affairs Director Joe Bognar, Local 1 NF Gold Card members Joseph Clarke, Clarence Sullivan, and Local 1 officer John Leonard. Gold Card members Lesley Sullivan and Ralph Ford are not pictured.

Local 67 Illinois Honors Class of 2002

Local 6 IL LaSalle Chapter members, from left, Chapter Chair Wayne Jaraczewski, 40-year member Joseph Ostrowski, Local 6 Field Representative Ron Plesko, 25-year member Jerry Witte, Local 6 President Ed Tegland, and 25-year member Robert Redshaw.
Local 6 Bloomington Chapter members, from left, 25-year member Murlyn Westerfield, Tegland, 25-year member Kenneth Gentes, Local 6 Secretary/Treasurer John Barth, and 40-year member Keith Moser.
Local 6 Rockford Chapter members, from left, 40-year member Jack DeRosso, Tegland, and 50-year member Karl Andersen. Local 6 Peoria Chapter members, from left, Tegland, 25-year member Kurt Baum, 50-year member Irrie McWhorter, 25-year member Ricky Strohl, 50-year members Sylvan Aeschliman and Ray Frank, Jr., 25-year member





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