President's Message

John J. Flynn

United Toward a Common Goal

Journal: Issue 1 - 2010

When President Flynn informed me of his decision to retire, we spent many hours developing a plan to ensure that the transition would be seamless and the Union’s resources would remain focused on our number one go al—putting BAC members to work. Although he will be missed, your new team hit the ground running at the recent meetings of the Executive Council and Labor-Management Craft Committees.

At these meetings, several new initiatives were announced to expand work opportunities and help out-of-work members, including:

Since the meetings, we have stepped up efforts to promote work performed by BAC members with government entities. On March 9th, for example, I testified before the Maryland State House in support of legislation that has the potential to create a significant number of restoration jobs for our members. The entire Executive Board is available to lend our support for similar job-creating initiatives in all markets.

These are just a sample of the efforts underway. There are more in the works. At a time, however, when the unemployment rate for all construction workers—union and non-union combined—is running more than 25 percent, your support for job creating initiatives is critical. How can you help? First, by taking advantage of BAC/IMI training programs to upgrade skills and learn new ones related to the installation of new products and systems. Up-to-date knowledge, skills and certifications will increase your marketability and access to work as the market turns around. Another way you can help is by alerting your Local officers of potential work that could be organized, that IMI could convert from a competing product to one of ours, or that BAC contractors could pursue. Speaking from my own experience as a Local Officer, many of the best leads originate with our members.

There is no denying that John J. Flynn is a tough act to follow, but with your continued support we can help our Brothers and Sisters stay afloat during periods of unemployment and increase work opportunities for all members.

I am honored to succeed John as President, and promise to use every means available to meet our Union’s goal to put members back to work.

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