President's Message

John J. Flynn

Going the Extra Mile

Journal: Issue 3 - 2010

To BAC members across North America and their delegates to the just-completed 2010 BAC Convention, on behalf of my fellow members of the IU Executive Board – Secretary-Treasurer Henry Kramer and Executive Vice Presidents Ken Lambert, Gerard Scarano and Tim Driscoll – and myself, I would like to express our sincere and humble appreciation for electing us to a five-year term as officers of this great International Union.

To say these are challenging times is an understatement. But, with the solidarity and support of the Convention delegates, the Executive Board is privileged to recommit to fighting for expanded work opportunities for members every hour of every day that we are on the job. Hand-in-hand with those efforts comes our assurance of continued strict fiscal and administrative discipline in stretching our resources to the maximum without compromising the quality of the programs and services provided to members, Locals and ADCs.

Ultimately, there will be a real recovery from this recession, and with it, more work hours for members, but we can’t wait passively for that day to come. In this issue (see pages 7-10) and the next Journal, you’ll find a summary of Convention activities and delegates’ actions on BAC’s response to the grim work outlook.

In the days immediately ahead, however, U.S. members have the opportunity to be proactive and make their voices heard on Election Day, November 2nd.  Experience has taught us that our Union’s ability to recoup membership losses and work hours has become increasingly difficult after each of the previous three recessions. Whether we like it or not, our capacity to come back stronger after this especially precipitous decline will be influenced by legislative, judicial and regulatory decision-making at the national, state and provincial, and local levels. That includes job creation measures, the resurgence of our manufacturing sector, Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage protections, Project Labor Agreements, responsible contractor policies, the reining in of worker misclassification, workplace safety, health care reform implementation … the list goes on. 

These issues impact the economic climate in which BAC signatory contractors and all of unionized construction operate. We can’t let the gridlock and the slower-than-expected pace of economic recovery that have frustrated so many of us in recent months become an excuse for sitting this election out. We have had to fight for all that is important to us, and this recovery and this election are no different.  Decisions on these critical issues will be made, so don’t leave them to people who can’t or won’t say the word “union” and who put their faith in Wall Street, not Main Street.  I urge you to stay informed on the issues and candidates’ records (see pages 3-7), and to ask yourself: “Will this candidate help or harm BAC’s capacity to come back stronger than ever?”

And always keep in mind the fiery words of AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka at the BAC Convention: “We take on the hardest jobs, we set the highest standards, we go the extra mile…We’re UNION and there’s nothing, nothing we can’t do!”

Let’s all go the extra mile and vote.

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