Training News

Cement Training in Action in Northern Ohio

Journal: January - February 2001

Faced with an increasing demand for cement finishers in the area, Northern Ohio ADC Field Representative Ken Kudela enlisted IMI’s help. As a result, 68 members of BAC’s Northern Ohio Administrative District Council (ADC) have added cement finishing to their roster of masonry skills, chalking up yet another success for IMI’s rapid-response training program and the BAC members it serves.

When IMI got the call, true to the program’s intent, they swung into action, quickly dispatching the equipment and instructors needed to conduct the 8-week cross-training program. Kudela says “members jumped at the chance” to expand their skills and work opportunities.

Cleveland Quarries, a renowned supplier of sandstone to the building industry, donated an idle mill for the hands-on course that included a job-site quality 12,000 foot pour. “It’s the only way to really learn,” says instructor Jerry Smith.

Cement training continues to be available through IMI’s national training system for pre-job apprentices, as well as upgrade and cross-training for journey workers and instructors. IMI is also authorized to certify BAC members through the American Concrete Institute certification program, with a record number expected to become certified in 2001.


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