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International Apprentice Contest Planned for 2003

Journal: January - February 2002

BAC and IMI are pleased to introduce a new opportunity for the Union’s top apprentices to demonstrate their skills. In 2003, a Union-wide Apprentice Contest will be held. “By establishing an International level of competition our apprentices will receive greater recognition both within our Union and across the entire masonry industry,” said BAC President John J. Flynn.

Brick, tile, stone, marble, cement, and plaster competitions will all be part of the 2003 contest. Contestants will be selected on a regional basis, and the number of apprentices that each region can enter will be determined by the number of apprentices in each region as of December 31, 2002.

Competing apprentices will demonstrate their skills through a written examination and hands-on competition. Semifinal competitions for each craft will be held at IMI’s National Training Center at Fort Ritchie, Maryland and the five finalists for each craft will compete at a final competition at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Contestants will compete for a range of awards and prizes. Look for updates in future issues of the Journal.


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