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Foreman and Supervisor Training

Journal: April - May 2002

Supervisory personnel of Schiffer Mason Contractors in Michigan discuss potential benefits of the Supervisor Certification Program with IMI Director of Education and Professional Development Larry Darling, far right.

BAC members, officers, and contractors are eagerly awaiting the latest program offering from IMI: supervisor certification. IMI’s Supervisor Certification Program (SCP), which will be launched this fall, provides a critical link between craftworkers and contractors. The end goals are career advancement for BAC members, and increased job opportunities for BAC contractors.

“This is one of the greatest benefits a contractor can realize from IMI and BAC,” says Local 1 Michigan President Ray Chapman. “And the fact that it will be delivered locally makes it accessible to contractors of all sizes.”

SCP offers two levels of training for current or potential supervisory personnel of BAC contractors: foreman and superintendent. Both
levels offer national certification.

A precursor foreman training class (not part of SCP) is scheduled for July 22-26 at the National Training Center. This fall, SCP curriculum training will be offered as a “post graduate” course at the annual Instructor Certification Program. Then the official SCP training can be delivered locally by IMI certified instructors and at the National Training Center.

Foreman training requires 32 hours of study on such topics as productivity, personnel management, and the construction process. Superintendent training requires 32 additional hours, plus a Field Superintendent’s Manual.

IMI Training Director Steve Martini notes that some BAC Locals are already negotiating to write foreman training into bargaining agreements, a trend he expects to continue.

“It’s part of our commitment to career advancement and lifelong learning opportunities to BAC members,” he notes. “And it is to everyone’s benefit to have better trained supervisors on the job site.”
For details on the Supervisor Certification Program or Foreman Training, contact Clarence Nichols, or call 301-241-5507.


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