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ACI Certification Earns Local 9 Michigan High Marks

Journal: March - April 2001

Thirty-seven members of Local 9 Michigan were certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) after successfully completing a comprehensive two-day course and written exam in February. IMI Regional Training Directors Bob Bonanni and Pat Murphy conducted the training, at the request of Local 9 President Daryl Hollenback.

“When we initially offered the training to Local 9 cement masons, we told them we believed it would help make them ‘more employable.’ Given the positive response we’ve had since from members and contractors, I know we’ll make good on that promise,” says Hollenback.

Local 9 Michigan conducted an ACI Certification class for 37 members in February.

Local 9 Field Representative Greg Lobodzinski describes the ACI course as a thorough and complete overview of the concrete trade. “It covers everything—pouring, curing, cutting, add mixes, with added emphasis on F-ratings,” he says, explaining that the last term refers to the flatness of concrete.

Matt Pumford, of Pumford Construction in Saginaw, Michigan, could not be more pleased to have the BAC members he employs become ACI certified. “It’s great,” says Pumford, “because now I can put ‘ACI Certified’ right on my specs when I bid work.”

ACI certification is internationally recognized, and is quickly becoming an industry standard. Thanks to IMI, BAC cement masons are meeting new demands for certified craftworkers.

According to IMI Regional Training Director Pat Murphy, ACI certification is one way members can instantly verify their level of expertise to employers. “More and more, superintendents are asking for certified cement masons on jobs. We’ve seen it here in New England, and expect this trend to continue across the country,” says Murphy. “The requirement is being built into bids on many jobs, and we’re ramping-up training to give members the certification they need.”

In addition to Michigan, IMI’s ACI Certification Program has certified BAC cement masons in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massa-chusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida.

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