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Finalists for BAC/IMI International Apprentice Contest Chosen

Journal: September - October 2003

Brick & Block | Tile | Stone | Cement | Marble | Plaster

This August and September saw plenty of excitement at the IMI National Training Center at Fort Ritchie, Maryland, which hosted the Semi-Finals of the inaugural BAC/IMI International Apprentice Contest.

Six crafts were represented: brick, cement, marble, plaster, stone, and tile. Contestants, who had worked their way up from local and regional contests took a written test and participated in a day-long mockup competition.

When the dust settled, 30 talented BAC apprentices (five Finalists plus two Alternates per craft) earned the right to meet again at the Contest Finals in Washington, D.C. on October 18th to compete for the distinction of top apprentice in their crafts and a 2003 Ford F150 pickup truck.

In addition to these activities, extensive hands-on and demonstration areas at the National Building Museum will feature the diversity of skills and the craftsmanship representative of the PCC and terrazzo crafts.

Labor-Management Craft Committees Attend Contest Semi-Finals
BAC contractors, officers, and representatives took a break from their deliberations to visit the Semi-Finals competitions and see the National Training Center in action.

Cement L-M Craft Committee

Brick and Block L-M Craft Committee

Stone L-M Craft Committee and contestants

Plaster L-M Craft Committee and contestants

PCC L-M Craft Committee

Tile, Marble, Terrazzo L-M Craft Committee



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