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BAC/IMI International Apprentice Contest

Journal: November - December 2003

Brick | Cement | Marble | Plaster | Stone | Tile

October 18, 2003 offered a dramatic, and at times, nerve-wracking look at the latest generation of skilled BAC craftworkers. When time was called after six and a half hours, the crowd – which included BAC members, contractors, and the general public – burst into applause.

The BAC Executive Board presented the awards at a dinner honoring the contestants. The First Place winner in each craft category received a Ford F-150 pickup truck.
“As a former apprentice competitor and judge, this was a very special day for our Union, because our finalists were so exceptional. Watching their skill and dexterity with the tools, the power of their concentration despite the large public setting, their attention to detail, and obvious love of the craft… these are the things that attract newcomers to our trades, and which even an older bricklayer like me can never get enough of.”
– BAC President John J. Flynn
BAC President John J. Flynn said of the contestants, pictured above, “They’re all winners in my book.”



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