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EIFS: Training to Meet Demand in Buffalo

Journal: November - June 2000

One critical element that separates BAC members and signatory contractors from the rest of the industry is training. This was demonstrated earlier this year at Local 45 of the Western New York ADC. The Mayville School system needed workers skilled in the proper installation of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and thanks to IMI Regional Training Director Bob Bonanni and recently retired BAC Plaster Director Joe Coppola, Local 45 members received the training needed to take on the job.

Sixteen members of Local 45 took ten weeks of intensive training on the proper installation of EIFS at Buffalo’s advanced training center. Members at the training center who were upgrading skills in other fields also familiarized themselves with the product and techniques.

“Most of the failures in the EIFS system come from caulking failures,” says Ron Lechner, Director of the Western New York ADC. “Our goal was to give our members training in the proper installation, and secure one of the largest jobs in the Southern Tier—the Mayville school project. This type of training was a first for our members.”

Jeff Herman, Apprentice Coordinator for the Western New York ADC, called on the experience of Local 45 member Brian Burke to do the hands-on training. Their hard work, along with regular visits by Dan Rose, Western New York ADC Field Representative/President of Local 45 and Director Ron Lechner kept everyone up-to-speed on the teaching process.

Thermal-Foam, Inc. provided more than $1,000 in free materials, and offered discounts on tools and other materials used in the training. Representatives of Thermal-Foam and General Electric, manufacturer of the silicone sealants, put on a formal presentation for the contractors and the students.


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