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Can IMI Help? Just Ask

Journal: May - June 2004

There’s no secret to taking advantage of IMI’s advanced training programs, either existing ones or even customized sessions.
“Just ask,” says Local 4 IN/KY President Joe Bramlett, a frequent user. “Our members are contributing to IMI, so it’s foolish not to use their programs.” The flip side of that, he notes, is that “you don’t get anything if you don’t contribute.”

When Local 1 MI members working on a clubhouse were asked to install $300,000-worth of unfamiliar Mankota Sandstone, a quick call to IMI solved the problem. Within days, a special jobsite training session was designed and delivered by Special Projects Coordinator Matthew Redabaugh. “During today’s tough economic conditions,” says contractor Kevin Ryan of Masonry Developers, “it’s important to know that we can rely on your [IMI’s] help and resources.” Or, as his superintendent Bill Adkins, put it: “In 18 years of running work, I’ve never had a job kick my &%#. But this one did, and IMI and Local 1 saved us.”

Call 1-800-JOBS-IMI or go to for details on IMI advanced training opportunities.

An unfamiliar stone project had the contractor stumped, until he called Local 1 MI. Quick delivery of IMI custom training right to the jobsite “saved us,” says the superintendent.



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