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Local 3 California Hosts Western States Apprenticeship Contest

Journal: Issue 6 - 2006

In early June 2006, the rising stars of the masonry industry showcased their skills to an enthusiastic crowd of 20,000 at the Western States Brick and Tile Apprenticeship Contest. The Contest, which was held at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, brought together the best of the west with 25 brick and 18 tile apprentices competing from Locals 3, 4 and 18 California, Local 7 Colorado, Local 1 Hawaii, Local 1 New Mexico, Local 13 Nevada, Local 1 Oregon, Local 1 Washington, and Local 3 Washington/Idaho/Montana.

In the brick category, Matt Hall of Local 1 OR claimed first place, Anthony Marquez of Local 7 CO took second place honors, and Local 1 OR’s Jacob Amos finished third. In the tile category, first place went to Abel Alvarado of Local 18 CA with Local 18 CA’s Constantin Olariu and Local 1 WA’s William Lundeen coming in second and third place respectively.

First Place winner in the brick category, Matt Hall of Local 1 OR, with his award. First Place winner in the tile category, Abel Alvarado of Local 18 CA, shows his enthusiasm.



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