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BAC Members Build Their National Training Center

Journal: Issue 6 - 2006

It is a big project, both in square footage and in significance to BAC members. The new, 25-acre BAC/IMI National Training Center now under construction in Bowie, Maryland, will showcase BAC as an industry leader. It will also demonstrate the unparalleled skills of BAC craftworkers, some of whom are getting a chance to be a part of BAC history-in-the-making. Here are just a few:

Rob Denford
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

In just seven years, Rob has gone from being an IMI pre-job trainee to a foreman with Caretti, Inc. He is “happy” to be part of this project. “It will be here for a long time. It is the Union.” His father, Bob, is also a member.

Vicente Guevara
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

A new BAC member, Vicente came in through a recent organizing effort. He first learned his trade in El Salvador, and now enjoys being a BAC member. “The benefits, more money, everything.”

Jim Malcolm
Foreman/Layout Man
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

After 45 years, Jim still loves his work, and particularly this project. “It gives us a better feeling that it is for the Union,” he says. He can spot the IMI-trained apprentices, saying, “they are really ready to work.”

Art Feeser
Layout Man
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

Art grew up working with his stonemason father. He enjoys the job and the benefits, like IMI grout training that helps him “every day.” He hopes to take more IMI courses, but for now says, “I am just proud to be here.”

Shawn Fagan
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

Shawn is proud to be a BAC bricklayer and tries to share that with apprentices. “There is more pride in what the Union stands for,” he says.

See the next issue for more photos and profiles of members building the National Training Center.



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