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Best Trainers in the Business

Journal: Issue 1 - 2006

What does it mean to be designated a “certified” instructor? For BAC instructors, it means participating in the IMI Instructor Certification Program (ICP) for a minimum of five years and achieving the masonry industry’s highest teaching standards.

The ICP Class of 2005. Front row, from left, Tom Doherty of 4 NJ, Tom Auman of 9 PA, Bob Palazzo of 3 NY, Hector Arellano of 52 IL, Matt Cecora of 9 MI, Mike Koch of 21 IL, Robert Green of 4 IN/KY, and David Lievre of 1 NY. Back row, from left, John Cosentini of 7 NY/NJ, Mark Graf of 13 WI, Dennis Bolling of 13 NV, John Puntel of 1 PA/DE, Bob Alesandro of 4 NJ, William Breheny of 67 IL, Dave Tedeschi of 52 IL, Anthony Cianferano of 1 MD/VA/DC, Henry Louie of 1 NY, Anthony Pacific of 7 NY/NJ, and Edwin Helton of 4 IN/KY.

The annual program is a unique opportunity for instructors from all over the BAC/IMI training system to gather and learn the latest developments in the masonry and teaching professions, while networking with colleagues.

BAC Instructors Sean Pues of Local 1 NY, left, and Terrance Bebar of Local 9 PA layout and construct an arch of AAC material.

This year’s session provided BAC and IMI instructors with hands-on experience in the new IMI Training Management System, developed to help BAC Locals and Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees track the complete training status of all members, from apprenticeship to retirement. That member training history includes safety, upgrade, cross-craft and specialty training, plus all certifications and ICP participation. Some 100 brick and block instructors also received training in updated brick and block curriculum materials.

Other 2005 highlights included AAC Coatings and Train-the-Trainer Certification, Codes and Standards, Foreman Training, Grout Certification and Masonry Restoration.

This year’s session provided 155 instructors with hands-on experience in the new IMI Training Database.

In addition to the most extensive course offerings in the 21-year history of the program, the 2005 round also marked the largest graduating class, which numbered 19, and overall attendance of 155.

ICP graduates invest a minimum of 200 hours in ICP coursework and developing a comprehensive Training Materials Portfolio. In return, they reap numerous benefits. “The education that I received at ICP is priceless,” says Local 9 PA Instructor Tom Auman. “It will allow me to be the best instructor that I can be.”

For BAC/IMI Instructor Michael Koch of Local 21 IL, “The opportunity to make an impact on two levels – individual students, and BAC overall – is very fulfilling.” It also helps the Locals, notes Local 4 NJ Instructor Tom Doherty. “Since attending ICP, our training program has become better every year.”


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