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Cement Masons: Are You ACI Certified?

Journal: July - August 2000

IMI’s New England Regional Training Center in West Springfield, MA, continues to train BAC cement masons across New England for American Concrete Institute (ACI) certification. The center also administers the test. Cement finishers with 4,500 hours of experience are eligible for the course, which focuses on concrete materials and mix proportioning, control tests, finishing, placing, consolidation, edging, jointing, curing, and concrete protection.

Training and exams are administered by IMI Regional Training Directors Patrick Murphy and Robert Bonanni.

Since 1997, 328 BAC cement masons from Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York have been certified as ACI flatworkers, finishers, and technicians.

Twenty-two cement masons from Local 1 Connecticut and Locals 1 and 3 Massachusetts were certified in June. “We need to continue certifying members to meet industry demands,” says Murphy.

“More and more jobs in the northeast require ACI certified cement masons,” adds Bonanni. “We want to make sure BAC membership is synonymous with certified, qualified masons.”


BAC cement masons prepare for ACI certification at IMI's New England Regional Training Center.

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