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BAC Members Build Their National Training Center

Journal: Issue 1 - 2007

Members are making BAC history by helping to build the new 25-acre BAC/IMI National Training Center in Bowie, Maryland.

Diego deLeon
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

A career and security for his family attracted Diego to BAC. He looks forward to advancing as a bricklayer, and returning to Bowie for training. “Aqui, uno apprenda mas, y hay posibilidades de mejorar salarias.” [Here, one learns more, and there is the potential to increase your salary.]


John Nardone
Cement Finisher
Local 1 MI

A member of Local 1 Michigan for 24 years, John got his start with his father, a cement finisher, and an uncle who had a flooring company. He worked in a factory briefly, but prefers the variety of work and locations that a career with BAC offers.


Mike Miles (l), Frank Miles (r)
Cement Finishers
Local 1 MI

It is a family tradition for these brothers, both members of Local 1 Michigan, whose grandfather had a cement finishing business. “It’s a good job,” says Mike who is employed by Broadcast Design & Construction, Inc. They definitely value their Union membership.


Chuck Bowman
Local 1 MD/VA/DC

Chuck Bowman started as a mason tender while in school and ran work by age 18. After running his own company for several years, he chose Caretti, Inc. because they value quality work and career advancement. He appreciates the promise the new center holds for all BAC members at all stages of their careers, and stresses its importance at meetings. “I think about that every time I come to work.”


Domingo Rodriguez
Cement Finisher
Local 1 MI

A 20-year member of Local 1 Michigan, Domingo learned his trade in Texas, and then moved to Michigan. He likes the work and BAC benefits so much that he recruited four of his nephews into the Union.


See the next issue for more photos and profiles of members building the National Training Center.



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