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IMI Detailing Series Takes Masonry Design to Next Level

Journal: Issue 2 - 2007

IMI’s new web-based Masonry Detailing Series (MDS) provides designers and builders with instant access to masonry details and design solutions. The goal of this new site is to make masonry the most attractive option. As any craftworker knows, better understanding of how masonry works means fewer problems on the jobsite.

“It was quick and easy,” says Steve Drangenis, Project Manager for Brayman Hollow Masonry in Connecticut. Minutes before heading into a project meeting, Drangenis needed a shelf angle detail, fast. He went to IMI’s website and, with two clicks, downloaded exactly what he wanted.

The Masonry Detailing Series uses an interactive, multimedia format that includes drawings, images, narratives, animated details and more. On Flowable Cement Terrazzo, for example, the website offers designers and builders images, a detailed description, product samples, technical data sheets, specifications, case studies, product literature, and even a short movie – all of which are downloadable.

A BAC contractor got the detail he needed, when he needed it, from IMI’s website.

At Kinateder Masonry, Inc. in Waukesha, Wisconsin, they use MDS details so often that President Fred Kinateder, Sr., who is also IMI’s Co-Chair, is thinking of ordering laptops for his people in the field. “It’s really helped us a lot,” says Kinateder. “We’ve been using it regularly since it came out, for outlining details for the journey-level workers, as well as steering architects in the right direction.”

It is also a great tool for BAC, according to Steve Martini, National Director of Apprenticeship and Training. “Our instructors can stay up-to-date with the latest specifications in all of our crafts, and it helps keep trainees current in techniques, materials and proper installation.”

Launched in February, the series got off to a flying start. In March, its first full month of operation, nearly 12,000 detail pages were viewed, and to keep customers coming back for more, IMI is continually adding new topics.

“This is really capturing the attention of the audiences we want to reach,” says BAC President and IMI Co-Chair John J. Flynn. “I am optimistic that it will spur greater use of masonry installed by our members.”

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