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IMI Shows Union Masonry’s Green Edge

Journal: Issue 3 - 2009

IMI trains BAC members in restoration techniques, which are a big part of sustainable building.

As the “green” conversation shifts from materials to performance, expanded work opportunities for BAC members and contractors are coming into clearer focus. In an all-out effort to ensure this work is performed by BAC craftworkers, IMI is actively highlighting the contributions that skilled BAC craftworkers and their
signatory contractors can make to the green building process.

Part of the challenge is overcoming the misperception that sustainable building solutions lie only in the hands of building designers. The truth is that more than ever, skill and jobsite quality play a big role in shaping those solutions. The expert knowledge and commitment to productivity that BAC craftworkers and contractors bring to the jobsite can make the difference between a building that performs well and one that does not.

To help designers, construction managers and owners understand this, IMI uses several approaches:

  • On a daily basis, IMI talks to architects and engineers about the importance of proper installation, and how critical the building envelope is to building performance. IMI also shows them how to incorporate masonry into their green plans.
  • At industry events, IMI is a recognized educator on energy-efficient masonry construction, LEED design and certification, quality assurance and more. Since the LEED building rating system is constantly updated, IMI provides ongoing educational opportunities for decision-makers on how masonry fits the new standards.
  • Architects pursue LEED certification to get a competitive edge, and now BAC contractors have a similar tool. In June, IMI launched the Sustainable Masonry Certification Program. Architects, construction managers and LEED officials applauded IMI for taking the initiative to address the lack of sustainable education at the subcontractor level.
BAC contractors face increasing jobsite demands to use sustainable building practices, which IMI teaches.

Masonry has impressive green credentials, including recyclability, renewability, durability and energy performance. Educating Union craftworkers and contractors, says IMI President Joan Calambokidis, “adds one more credential to the list: quality.”


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