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BAC/IMI Recruitment Initiatives

Journal: October - November 2001

New brochures stress BAC pay and benefits.

All BAC crafts are showcased in the new recruitment poster.


In recent years, construction has had to struggle to attract good people. But lately, it’s been tougher than ever. Competition from other industries and among the various construction trades is formidable.

But the bottom line for the survival of the union masonry industry is clear: we need to recruit more people, period. Even a perceived lack of skilled masonry craftworkers has a chilling effect on building design and construction decisions. Perception becomes reality all too quickly if designers or owners worry about labor shortages in masonry. If they don’t believe they’ll be able to staff masonry jobs with skilled craftworkers, they simply will opt for other building products.

To overcome those perceptions and better position the union masonry industry in the recruitment race, IMI is working with BAC on a variety of fronts.

Professional football fans in the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, areas with strong participation in IMI, have heard the BAC/IMI message about masonry career opportunities in radio ads broadcast during NFL games. “The response has been tremendous,” says IMI National Director of Apprenticeship and Training Steve Martini. “We’re getting a large number of calls on Mondays and Tuesdays based on these spots.” Potential candidates are referred to their Local Union training program.”


New Materials

New recruitment materials include a poster and brochures for general and military audiences. BAC and IMI are working aggressively to capture job seekers leaving the military, particularly those with construction experience. Preliminary results of a BAC/IMI pilot project at two military bases has attracted scores of personnel who “separate” each month from active service. The project will expand to other bases in the near future.

The IMI Apprenticeship & Training team has several other initiatives underway, including Hispanic Cultural Education for instructors, and a National Apprenticeship & Training Tracking System. And, earlier this year, IMI worked with BAC to complete a thorough overhaul of National Apprenticeship Standards including recruitment issues.

BAC and IMI will continue to monitor and tailor recruitment materials and strategies to ensure the best use of resources, following the blueprint set out in the 2000 BAC A&T Task Force Report. In addition, a full Outreach and Recruitment session at the inaugural Masonry Industry Education Conference this November helped tackle such issues as identifying target audiences and tailoring messages.

For copies of the new IMI recruitment materials, call 1-800-JOBS-IMI.


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