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Foreman Training Debuts at ICP 2002

Journal: October - November 2002

In keeping with its commitment to training, IMI launched a new program this year to address the critical link between craftworker and contractor — the supervisor. Now available for current or potential supervisory personnel of BAC contractors, IMI’s Supervisor Certification Program (SCP) offers two tiers of training: foreman (32 hours) and superintendent (32 additional hours). Both levels offer national certification.

The program was rolled out at IMI’s Instructor Certification Program (ICP) as a “post graduate” course to train BAC and IMI trainers to teach the new courses. “Trainers are very enthusiastic about the program,” says IMI Training Director Steve Martini. This program responds to a growing trend for labor contracts to include foreman training. “Everyone gains when supervisors are well trained: BAC members, contractors and even the project owners,” says Martini. For information on foreman training, call 1-800-JOBS-IMI.

BAC and IMI instructors review blueprints for a sample project during a troubleshooting excersize as part of IMI's new Supervisor Certification Program.



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