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Hawaii State and Invitational Apprentice Contest 2002

Journal: October - November 2002

Officers of Local 1 Hawaii hosted a distinguished gathering of judges and guests at their 12th Annual State and 5th Invitational Apprentice Contest in June, continuing a highly successful program honoring aspiring craftworkers from the West Coast and the Islands.

Brick Contest Winners:
Ericson Banga, Local 1 HI 1st Place
Gregory L. Kama, Local 1 HI  2nd Place
Emerson Aczon, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Jose Cabrera, Local 3 CA 3rd Place
Gregory Kama, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Dalton Lorenzo, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Juan Martinez, Local 4 CA 3rd Place
Geronimo Ranan, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Ryan Reyes, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Kalani Tancayo, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Tile Contest Winners:
Wah Keung Yui, Local 3 CA 1st Place
Roman Perez, Local 1 HI 2nd Place
Sydney Kinimaka, Local 1 HI  3rd Place
Robert Quaglia, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Carlos Ramirez, Local 1 HI 3rd Place
Jeffrey Succuro, Local 18 CA 3rd Place
Mathew White, Local 1 HI 3rd Place


From left, 1st place tile contestant Wah Keung Yiu if Local 3 CA, BAC Executive Vice President Gerald O'Malley, and 1st place brick contestant Ericson Banga of Local 1 HI.

From left, brick contestants Juan Martinez, Kalani Tancayo, Geronimo Ranan, Ryan Reyes, O'Malley, Ericson Banga, Dalton Lorenzo, Emerson Aczon, Gregory Kama, and Jose Cabrera.

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