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Training the Trainers: IMI's Instructor Certification Program

Journal: October - November 2002

There’s always a lot of energy when BAC and IMI instructors gather from around the country to brush up their teaching skills and compare notes at IMI’s annual Instructor Certification Program (ICP). The latest round this fall had some exciting new courses and set some new records, including the largest group and largest freshman class. The graduating class totaled 17 trainers who successfully completed the five-year program.

2002 ICP Highlights

  • "Working in a Multicultural and Bilingual Environment”
  • New Products, including AAC block
  • Fireplace Construction
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Supervisor Certification Program
IMI Regional Training Director Bob Mion and terrazzo instructor Mike Megegazzi, both kneeling, work through a hands-on terrazzo demonstration.

An IMI instructor butters a firebrick for a bullring mock-up during hands-on classes at this year's IMI Instructor Certification Program.


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